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Information on Box Tunnel 2.5

Here at Box Tunnel you can download a multitude of Advanced Visualization Studio presets created by users like you. Best of all you can share your own creation with the world by sending it through the Contribute section. Each listed preset has a star rating so that you can see, at a glance, which is worth downloading. Or you can check out the preset packs in the Download section of Box Tunnel.

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Advanced Visualization Studio

AVS stands for Advanced Visualization Studio. It allows users to create custom, visual accompaniments to music played through Winamp. Users choose from a range of objects and tweak their properties to generate amazing, audio responsive graphics. Possibilities are countless with AVS. It was created by Nullsoft for use with the high-fidelity audio player Winamp (also a Nullsoft product). Advanced Visualization Studio is included with Winamp version 2.61. AVS is a plugin created by Nullsoft for use with Winamp. Visit the Winamp web site at To create the visualization users combine different renders and effects and this combination is saved as a file. This file is called a preset and has the extension .avs (e.g. Creation_Bubble.avs).

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Everyone who has contributed an AVS preset

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The Royal Navy
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