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It's pretty straight-foward. Text which is entered into the fields "name_artist", "name_preset" and "field_comments" gets inserted into the body of an e-mail. The file specified in "path_preset" is attached to the same email as, you guessed it, an attachment. The script should be pretty easy to compose as you could probably find a similar one from a script archive web site (I hope I'm not insulting your intelligence by explaining this). After that you could find somewhere the bit of code that handles the file attachment buuuullshit. I'm not sure if the form method should be GET or POST so you decide on that. Err... what else? Yeah; If you think this form needs additional fields which are neccessary for AVS preset submission I'd like to hear what you have to say on the matter. Also, you get brownie points (i.e. an extra five bucks) if you can make the 'Browse' dialogue thingie filter files of the *.avs or *.zip extension ay. Writing the script is the easy part; it's getting the desired end result that's tricky. To be honest, I have my doubts that you can do it but I can't be blamed for that. It is you we're talking about. Just kidding. If, at anytime, you don't want to do this just say so. I won't mind. If you do manage to complete the challenge you get $20AUS.You also get the added reward of additional knowledge gained. Knowing how to implement the above file submission solution will, no doubt, prove handy in the future or present.

That's all I can think of saying here for now. I'm so forgetful. You have until 30/8/00. I don't think I need to remind you that you're running out of time. GL.